5 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Oh, yeah?

    My storm was bigger than your storm.

    More than 30 inches on my street and in my driveway since Snowmaggedon.

    And manybe another inch, yesterday and today, in snow showers from the lakes.

    And it’s snowing, now!

    So there!

    And you?

  2. I just realized I have leaking windows.

    The snow and ice on the roof have made icicles all around the house, and some of the water is getting thru around a couple of windows, making interior drips.

    This causes scary thoughts about the roof and a change of priorities for summer work on the house.

  3. Watch that snow load Gaius!

    Generally, the ice-dams in gutters results in water “wicking” under the roof shingles and paper and finding places to go. A simple fix for next fall would be to install thermostat controlled heating elements (available at any hardware store) along your roof’s drip line and hanging into the gutters to prevent this. You can plug them in at the first snow or sleet and unplug them when spring comes (it worked for me for many years and you don’t have to take them down).

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