3 thoughts on “The Coup

  1. This should be required reading at all levels in schools until everyone understands every single point perfectly. It should be required that classes in this essay be taken by every single bankrupt, all people on food stamps or unemployment.

    I recently received an urgent email from some one that screwed me over.
    He admitted it quite frankly. With a college degree, he is working two minimum wage jobs in two separate fast food places, with just few enough hours that he does not receive any benefits. He lives with 3 or 4 other people in a one bedroom apartment. He told me that food stamps and food stolen from work are the only thing that stands between them and starvation. He needed $100 before the 15th of the month or he was “on the street.” Yeah, he pissed me off, but when I get one of these, I despise the governments in the United States. He got $300 with a note to buy a ticket on Greyhound and move back home with his parents in California.

    I am sure he counts as two employees. Some of the little hypocrisy from the government will never get reported by the “news” or by “economists.”

  2. The linked article states the obvious. Not only the middle class is affected by the oligarch, even the left has helped to the “disappearance” of the poor; they constitute a substantial section of the oppressed. It is also important not to adopt a Ralph Nader approach to politics; although the Democrats, at least most of them and the president, are now center-right, the Republican are a horror way more than the Democrats are. The latter are more of a push over than an instigator. Today’s Republican live in the 18th century and are as tolerant as the Taliban.

  3. Thanks for posting this. Not something a whole lot of people really want to see – or want to have their suspicions affirmed. It’s not exactly great, but it’s great to see that someone is not feeling too defeated too write about it.
    The next step is when people speak up about this state of the union – and feel they can have this strong voice without joining the Tea Party.

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