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  1. So strange to read something like that, and realize everything you thought you knew about the past – you don’t know at all.

  2. Cylon City?
    “This has happened before and will happen again.” heh-heh.
    We know very little, actually.

  3. The people we have been trying to teach how to govern themselves, actually have been governing themselves for 12,000 years, since before my celtic-germanic ancestors were living in caves.

  4. Read Immanuel Velikovsky’s books for another view on how many civilizations have come before. The earth has been through at least a couple of extinction level events in the past 12,000 years that very few survived. Interesting documentation of geological evidence as well as clues found in ancient texts.
    Some of the early writings (Bible, Torah) have taken on religious meaning for many, since the early civilizations ascribed so much of what they didn’t understand to ‘god’. Easy to call down the ‘wrath of god’ when your astronomers know where and when the meteor shower will hit.
    Humans have had to start over more than once. When will we get it right?

  5. Thanks for that link!

    I’m quite convinced that we have the timeline for human/civilization development all wrong (i’ll be looking up Velikovsky). Our timeline defies common sense. Anatomically modern humans lived for what a hundred plus thousand years and we only figured out the arts of civilization a few thousand years ago?

    Given that the shore/sea contours are drastically different now than they were before the last two, big meltoffs, i’d argue that there’s a lot of space for evidence not included.

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