The Great Depression

I have a handful of friends who are just completely overwhelmed by the economic crash and as a result, are suffering severe anxiety and depression. (Oddly enough, thanks to those of you who pointed me toward the Vitamin D, I’m feeling much better these days.)

I just want to encourage people to cluster. Find some people who are going through the same thing (as impossible as that might seem right now). Volunteer if you can – lots of soup kitchens and food pantries these days. And if you’re still employed, make sure you stay in touch with friends who aren’t. The social isolation is the hardest thing of all.

7 thoughts on “The Great Depression

  1. We should get together and start to think about forcing the government to work for the people. We have many good people in the party, most of them are still in the wings. The only serious guy that can lead the resurgence is Howard Dean, he has the brain, guts, vision and leadership ability needed. We are close to the sound of the bell. Once this happens, there will be no way back.

    In addition to vitamin D, eat a lot of veggies, little beef and pork if at all, prefer fish and in particular talapia and catfish. Vitamin C may be good too.

  2. Tom, I’m not sure what you mean by that.

    A cursory search doesn’t look like that’s true. When someone says that something has “no nutritional value,” I assume they mean it has calories, but almost exclusively from fats and sugars, and little in the way of minerals, vitamins, or protein. This is already a bit misleading, because fats and sugars are nutrients too, and if you are starving or malnurished, caloric intake is important.

    However, even this expanded definition of “no nutritional value” doesn’t seem to be true for Tilapia either. It looks like it’s a low fat, high protein food and a good source of “Niacin and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Protein, Vitamin B12 and Selenium.”

    I am neither a nutrition expert nor a member of any Tilapia trade industry, so correct me if I’m wrong Tom!

  3. Susie, I can’t find a contact for you on your new site. Can you email me at the address provided in this comment so I can get in touch with you?


  4. Wouldn’t clustering constitute a potential riot situation to be suppressed by the authorities?

  5. Pragmatic Realist –

    Trust me. No. It should, but it won’t.
    I’m part of the group Susie is talking about. I’ve been unemployed for almost two years now – I feel like shit about myself. I’ve been isolating myself. I’ve been resisting volunteering, ”cause what if I find myself a job and could not continue the volunteering??!!’
    BS, of course.
    I’m not sure what to do – I am indeed depressed and I started drinking too much to boot.
    My self esteem wasn’t too high to begin with, and trust me, not having a job ain’t helping.

    I’m in California, and even though we don’t have all your snow, I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do.
    During my last interview for a job, the guy told me like 3 or 4 times:
    ‘This is a VERY conservative Company’
    When I mentioned how I appreciate Fiscal Conservatism (I don’t really, nor do I care) I got a non-response.
    Basically, they’re not FISCALLY conservative, no, they’re SOCIALLY conservative and Lesbians (as he perceived me to be, correctly) wouldn’t fit in.
    Now who would be able to prove that???!!!
    Headquarters was based in Israel – the job I got laid off from 1 1/5 years ago was bought by a Pakistan company. When I looked at certain job openings there, they were clear and upfront: Women do not need to apply. Period.

    How fucked up is that???!!!

    Sorry, I got a ‘tad’ off topic – still pissed though, not sure how to be able to let go. Therapy is not a financial option.

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