Whoever could have known?

Health insurance companies have always claimed that they support “affordable, high-quality health care for every American” and are supportive of health care reform efforts and not simply concerned with their profits. To try to project this image of compassion for the uninsured, WellPoint Inc. — which recently came under fire for planning double-digit rate hikes in at least eleven states — pledged three years ago to use its charitable foundation to spend $30 million to assist the uninsured receive care.

A new investigative report by the Los Angeles Times finds that WellPoint’s foundation has completely failed to meet its promise of spending $30 million to help the uninsured. Rather, the company spent $6.2 million — a paltry 11 percent of what the company promised:

WellPoint’s public records indicate that from 2007 to 2009 the foundationgave less than $6.2 million in grants targeted specifically at helping uninsured Americans get access to coverage and care — barely one-fifth of what was promised and just 11% of the charity’s total giving over the last three years.

“It was just not something that the company really wanted to do,” said one former executive, who, like others interviewed for this story, asked not to be identified out of concern that discussing WellPoint could have adverse career consequences. “So it went by the wayside.”

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  1. America already has government health care, but you arent poor enough to get it, yet.
    The problem with people like you is that you cant see your own bias, you don’t have to live with the consequences of your religion.

    Do you know what Codex Alimentarius is?
    Do you know that our government has banned vitamin B6?
    The insurance companies cant wait for this bill, after its passed millions of americans will be mandated to buy their product and if they cant afford it, the government will pay for it, its effectively a blank check, then the eugenics kicks in.

    The rights of the minority to decline, refuse, say no, thats what America used to be, leadership by example, not by force, that’s what sometimes prevailed here, but now, your party wants to ban salt.

    Where is the Russian blogosphere? Where is the British blogosphere? where is the Chinese Blogosphere Where is the Australian Blogosphere to preach about the wonderful health care system they have, oh yeah, behind a digital curtain, in jail or afraid to give their opinion because they have no free speech.

    You dont want to hear from nurses and doctors who dont play them on tv, fine, you will get your wish, the system you dream about is coming, and your anti-government blog looks to me like a cry for help with multiple flags of undiagnosed mental illnesses therefore I suggest you be immediately placed on something by one of our friends Pfizer, Baxter, Roche or Merck, they will cure you of your feminism, cognitive dissonance and self-hatred. If you refuse this incident will be added to your permanent files and your premiums will universally increase because you are a drain on the system. Welcome to the land of the Greater Good. You are not a member of the Guardian Class.

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