11 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. No. The world has gone crazy.

    Somebody made a random mention of 2012 today, and I got thinking; There’s probably going to be one little set of butterfly wings to start the whole “end times” thing going. I wonder if it’s happened yet?

  2. Daylight Savings Time does it all the time. Plus, with springtime ya know the sap is rising.

  3. This is “planes falling out of the sky, normal people blowing stuff up” crazy, not the good kind.

  4. I’ve been hearing much of that same observation about the increase in crazy.
    I live among people who are at an income level which requires them to be finely tuned to the whims and winds of change -since they are most likely to receive the worse effects.
    We are also looking out for each other.

  5. It’s only gonna get worse as everyone (including the climate change deniers) awakens to the real problems our inaction and refusal to change our ways has fomented – and especially as they come knocking on and eventually break down the door (of civilization).

  6. What #6 says. The elites are going nuts, and the sh*t rolls downhill. The rest of us are either trying to stop it, divert it, or get out of the way. Or all three. And +1000 for looking out for each other. Even if that comes to include the nightly phone call at a set time to make sure one of us hasn’t disappeared…

  7. Nah, I have seen this type of talk in blue collar bars for 39+ years. I sorta hoped I would see on of the living dead with a bad sunburn from having come out of the bar before closing time.

  8. The world has gone crazy. Just the facts, and 2012 is influencing the irrational first, and it will get much worse before it gets better, I’m afraid.

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