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  1. Would you know what this means in the details? I don’t know whether or not you own or rent.
    Hell, I don’t know if this means anything at all to all of us, too-long-term-unemployed/uninsured.
    I’m about to run out of UI benefits, have not had healthcare benefits in almost two years.
    Yes, my unemployed-as-well partner has the Cobra benefit. For now.
    She went in for the recommended colonoscopy (after yr. 50, she’s now 56) and that was paid for. Yet, she is being charged $700 for removing polyps. Oh, they say, the clinic didn’t bill it right, so we won’t pay. The clinic won’t pursue the insurance company, so they just come after the client. Pay up or else.
    Who has $700 or any amount to pay in addition to the health coverage, period???
    They fuck you over whenever they can!

  2. Them denying benefits is not because of any particular reason – they simply want to have the have-nots have even less (especially a vote!) and have the other 1% have everything.
    Yes, revolutions were waged about that same in-equity. The US is different, the minority won’t rule the country.
    You wanna invoke facsism???? There you have it. The minority rules by fear and intimidation and violence.
    The republicans preach the fear of ‘the other’ by oppressing, intimidating by violence the ‘other’, in this case the majority.
    THAT is what fascism is about. Republicans and their fearful, hateful following.

  3. Keep fighting the wrong coding — insurance companies practice delay, delay, delay to try to get people to give up. Denial, denial, denial. Rinse, lathe,r and repeat.

    It’s in their business plan, and I figure it won’t change with Obama’s HCR*/RomneyCare/Big Health Industry Players Profit Protection Plan.

    *HCR–High Corporate Returns. Obama himself, when careful, called it a health insurance reform. “Health” came into it when he was campaigning to get it passed.

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