5 thoughts on “Law and Order

  1. “They also noted that the force used wasn’t….” . And blah, blah, blah. Please let me know when we’ve arrived at a total police state mentality in the United States of AmericKKKa!

  2. Force is, somehow, never applied to people driving expensive cars with white people in them. Must be a coincidence.

  3. Tasing is torture. Plain and simple. In Amerika, you have the right to executed without trial for not signing a traffic ticket.

  4. I also weep for what used to be a fairly decent place to live. Fascism is the only ‘LAW’…………..the KKKristians/chews/MIC/Propaganda/Petroleum. After the so-called ‘Partition’ the world’s warwhore was born to service the needs of MIC who then recruited Propaganda/petroleum, so are now invincable………………. they hope. The Roman Slave Revolt still scares the shit out of the $$$$ cowards and FASCISM/CORPORATISM are the only rule. Look up what Gen. Smedley Butler said upon retirement after 30yrs. Also, look up the Prescott Booooohie try at a coup de etate DURING WAR TIME. Sick, sick, sick! Please if there is a God, give those KKKristians their ‘rapture’ It sure would clean up the barrio a lot.

  5. Right wing ideologues have made major inroads into the judiciary system, all the way up to the top.
    And cops always seem to get free passes for inexcusable behavior.
    It’s scary.

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