3 thoughts on “Overqualified

  1. “Obviously that stems from maybe some embarrassment at the level that I’m at,” he said. “I do want people to know that, to some extent, this isn’t who I am.”
    Why are people so ashamed of working? What is this from? Are they mistaking grief for shame? What?

  2. Yeah, if corporations can force “Einstein” to work for 50 cents an hour, they’ll be happy.

    This whole economy is so bogus, it’s just a matter of time until the great collapse. We’re kidding ourselves thinking everything is just ducky and life goes on – it’s delusional! With all the unemployed young men hanging around with nothing to lose and plenty of guns easily available, we have a recipe for disaster of mindboggling dimensions, once it starts.

    Look around, it’s not just this country either. Humanity is going over a cliff and taking many species with us.

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