7 thoughts on “TD Bank? No Thanks!

  1. in the early 1990s, when i was working at greenpeace as a canvasser, two of our well-meaning employees, who were very sensitive to sexism, classism, and racism in all its forms, decided to hold a workshop on being sensitive to sexism, classism, and racism in all its forms.

    so we all sat in a circle, and responded to scenarios they proposed.
    the first question was put to my friend Byl, a very clever guy. “OK Byl, you knock on the door, and a black lesbian answers. How do you speak to her in a way that’s respectful and sensitive.”

    byl asked “well, first i want to know how I know she’s a lesbian. Is she wearing a shirt that says so? i can’t tell just by looking at someone.”

    “OK, bad example,” the workshop leader said. “You knock on the door, and an Asian person answers. How do you speak to him in a culturally respectful and sensitive manner?”

    Byl thought for a moment and said “i say, ‘you’re from Afghanistan? Wow, that’s fascinating, what a rich history that country has!'”
    the workshop leader got all red in the face and said “THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT AND YOU KNOW IT!”
    Byl looked at her and said “Asia’s a huge continent, with a lot of people who look very different from one another. Which part did you mean?”
    Which is a long way of saying “how do you know the 50 cent whore is a woman? Also how is comparing a bank to a prostitute sexist?”

  2. Banks have been doing this for years in one form or another. My favorite is the overdraft fee assessed if you try to use your check card and the expected funds aren’t there. A $15 ($25?) fee for a millisecond transaction (an inquiry only really) that’s handled entirely by computer. Lack of consumer protections from nefarious bank schemes seems to be the norm since Saint Ronnie Raygun popularized ‘you’re all on your own’ as what the founding fathers really meant.

  3. Fuck ’em. We left B of A 4 years ago because they were nickel-and-diming us. Went to a local credit union that’s been around 75 years. They treat us like good customers instead of a piggy bank. We’re happy.

  4. Phydeaux, I’m with you. We jettisoned the bank bullshit for all the reasons mentioned above. Our CU treats us respectfully and doesn’t cover up the schemes in fine print. In fact, the last thing I said to the bank dude when we left was, “At least y’all could’ve used some grease while you were screwing us”.

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