10 thoughts on “Unemployment Journal

  1. Yeah, Suze, I just KNEW you were out there on the sandy beach sippin ice-cold coladas, gettin laid, partying your ass off while you drew unemployment checks—just what Coburn and Bunning said you were up to. Course those sons of bitches were doing their duly- sworn duty to obstruct you from surviving in any way they could. Damn you for just trying to enjoy your life!

  2. WHAT? No pictures of our Polish Princess in Paradise? I have to settle on a nice shot of 2 dolphins jumping? (Wasn’t that an alternative lyric in “Twelve Days of Christmas”?)

  3. Is that picture really you???
    Wow – I had pictured you with dark brown hair, for some reason.
    Isn’t it funny. Reading a blog is like reading a book – you picture the character in your mind. Watching a movie after you’ve read the book is always odd – you pictured the character different, so while you know the story you spend you’re time adjusting to how someone else pictured everything.
    Except of course, a blog is written by a REAL person.
    If it is indeed you, thanks for posting it! Now I can picture you somewhat.
    Looks is not what makes your blog, but I hope you know what I mean. The same thing with Digby. The shock that went thru the ‘blogger’s community’ once it was revealed she was a woman – it was just priceless!

  4. Well, there’s confirmation… you look pretty happy too. Enjoy. And remember the sun block: The rays are more direct than in icy, temperate Pennsylvania.

  5. Odd, you look like a blonde version of an old and dear friend (also from Philadelphia) who passed away…

    Not intended to be gruesome!

  6. Of course you might look forward to the semi-paradise of underemployment:

    “How are you today, m’am, do you have your shopper’s card?” “How many cases of Mountain Dew do you have in your cart?” “Did you find everything you need?” ” Thank you very much m’am come back again.”

    Also, “Terri called in. Can you stay until 11?”

  7. Oh, also, “Cindy, I need a price check. These pineapples are ringing up at $2.50, and the lady says there is s sign that says they are $1.99.”

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