Must. Hit. Head. On. Wall.

After waiting on hold for 45 minutes yesterday, the lady at the unemployment hotline tells me I’m out of money, and that I’ve used up my 99 weeks of benefits. (This is where my math weaknesses kick in. I’ll be out of work two years at the end of July, 52 weeks in a year, two years = 104 weeks, minus five = end of June. WRONG!!!)

So no more extensions for me!

I don’t understand why the NJ Department of Labor was still sending me forms to fill out, but whatever. No more unemployment for me, unless the Senate gets off their collective ass and adds additional tiers.

10 thoughts on “Must. Hit. Head. On. Wall.

  1. Oof, and you just gave me hope that I might have another extension left as well…..sigh.
    This week will be my last week as well, although I did the same math as you did and hoped I’d still have one extension left, like you hoped/thought. I guess not……
    Still, that whole 99 weeks thing doesn’t add up, does it?

  2. Here’s my break down:
    Regular UI – 26 weeks
    1st ext. – 20 weeks
    2nd ext. – 14 weeks
    3rd ext. – 13 weeks
    4th ext. – 6 weeks

    I think both you and I are still eligible to the 4th extension (calendar-wise it adds up as well. Started in July 2008, ends in June 2010. Right?) just as soon as Congress approves the extension. I recommend not holding your breath, since that apparently won’t be finalized until late next week.
    I think the person you talked to was wrong….
    Boy I pray s/he was!!

  3. It’s easy to get confused about extensions, but wasn’t the first extension a ‘State’ one?
    Call me stubborn, call me ‘being in denial’, but I still think she was wrong.
    ps. I thought you were in Philadelphia, PA??? What’s up with the New Jersey thing?? Was that a typo?
    I may just be going crazy….not the first time.

  4. Rogue Element – careful with that stuff. They’re really REALLY touchy these days, as they should be.

  5. Susie,

    Please continue to post your financial status. I am not morbidly curious. I have a commitment to keep one of your fellow bloggers bills paid while she is going through chemo and radiation therapy.

    Tentative plan is for the blogger to be off of my life support in June or July, then I will re aim my contributions to you. This is not a definite.

    If you are in a true jam, say so, push comes to shove I can liquidate some of my emergency investments and carry you over the gap. Since I may have to dig into these funds to provide a doctor, who saved my life, with a machine that he believes will save 25 to 45 lives of young children a year, I will probably have to dig into the funds anyway.

  6. Just be flat honest. If you see a tsunami of expenses coming. It is like pulling teeth to get money out of my american banks. I read you daily if you see problems 2 weeks down the road send an email to my email address that you have.

    I can keep you from hitting bottom. It will require some twists and turns. I am clinically insane but I am not stupid. Your blog and points of view are very very important for me.

    This is not altruism. Your blog is one of my 4 top favorites and I am willing to support you as long as you maintain your integrity in your blog postings.

    I think that is criminal that you are not totality self supporting.

    I have another blogger who worked (works?) in implementing business plans and selling programs. If he can cull it down and simplify it I will send it to you. This will probably will not work out, he uses jargon to cover commonsense phrases, but I am trying to concentrate the blogosphere into a real effective communication device. Not of the Raw Story, Escaton, Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo variety who are starting to sell shit for advertisement and appeal to all people. Not going to happen. People can turn on the “news” propaganda machine and find out which of their gods have clay feet.

    I will push for an independent audit on the bloated war, totally useless military and their bosses the Merchants of Death.

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