3 thoughts on “What A Novel Idea

  1. He is just discovering truth??? We knew this in the primary at the very least, its just a bought media now! Amazing that after Obama hasn’t kept his word or anything close to it even before his innaguration and another thing is he seems to be so disconnected.
    Why are people so stupid,I don’t need to be fed talking points ,just facts and then most of us can make up our own mind. they insult the voters by telling us something that we can plainly see as a lie. Just like when bush told us about Iraq!
    The news is now the new entertainment tonight .

  2. Do I believe you, or my lying eyes, someone once said. Since the 90’s at least, every single ‘media’ is just a lying whore. Do what you can do, and leave the rest, or, escape! The only thing that pRisident Bunny pants did accomplish is ‘dumbing down’ the people. Propaganda as Goebels said, become the ‘truth’ if repeated endlessly. ‘Know the Truth, and it shall set you free.’

  3. Hey, don’t be so negative – maybe this will catch on! Just so they check all the speakers! Of course, Rudy will tell so many whoppers, they will have to write a book of corrections!

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