3 thoughts on “My Ears Were Bleeding

  1. Mostly I can’t bear to listen to or watch Am Idol. Altho’ some contestants, post-Idol, seem to reveal decent voices and styles.

  2. Yeah … I liked Kara Diguardio’s comment that the tall guy with the blond hair sounded like a bleating lamb – ouch!

    I never watched Idol much at all before last year, when Adam Lambert caught my attention … I felt like, “How did THIS guy get on the show?!” They usually seem to keep it dumbed down, so he was a surprise. Great freaky voice and style – not my usual cup of tea but yeoooww! Not ordinary, by any measure.

    So I’ve watched it some this year. I kinda like Crystal Bowersox, who has a real voice and a nice guitar style (though admittedly not at home with Sinatra). They’ve compared her to Bonnie Raitt, which is going a bit too far, but I do enjoy listening to her. And Siobhan Magnus was pretty. Thats about it, really.

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