JFK and the Unspeakable

They shouted out ‘who killed the Kennedys’
When after all, it was you and me.

— Rolling Stones

I just finished “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters”. It’s written by peace activist and historian James Douglass, and it includes a lot of new information and interviews from people who were simply too afraid to speak for decades.

In case you haven’t noticed, there was an astounding death rate among anyone who came forth with testimony that contradicted the “official” version of Kennedy’s death at the hands of a lone gunman.

I think I’ve read almost every JFK conspiracy book out there, and here’s one that answers the essential question: Why, exactly, did the CIA want Kennedy dead?

Douglass relates the details of back-channel communications between JFK and Soviet premier Nikita Kruschev and their efforts toward ending the Cold War. He also spells out eaxctly how JFK was trying to avoid getting pulled into Viet Nam (a point disputed by other historians, addressed by Douglass), but was seriously contradicted and undermined by Henry Cabot Lodge, Kennedy’s ambassador to Vietnam and his political adversary. (Obama should take a clue from this.) Of course, you already know about Cuba.

His speech at American University (below) was seen as a turning point for the establishment members who were invested in war.

While I’ve read many books that wrote about Kennedy the man, and others about Kennedy the politician, this is the first one I can recall that really clearly communicates how the man he was informed his political decisions.

Anyway, if after all this time, if you still believe the Kennedys were killed by crazy lone wolf-gunmen, and if you still believe we live in the land of the free and the home of brave, this book won’t change your mind. (Because if you still believe that, nothing will.)

What depresses me is how the exact same scenarios with the same kind of interests are being played out today. (We already know there’s a hardcore group of Cheneyites working against Obama from within the CIA and the Pentagon.)

While Obama is cooperating with the establishment on almost everything else, I imagine his halting attempts to deal with the real problems posed by the American relationship with Israel are probably enough to get him killed.

And while if it does happen, it may look that way, it almost certainly won’t be a “lone wolf.” It’ll be some guy sitting at a desk in Langley.

4 thoughts on “JFK and the Unspeakable

  1. Maybe, but keep in mind that John and Robert were great fans of CIA covert action, personally approving hundreds of actions including – but not limited to – multiple attempts on Castro’s life.

    True that he never got complete control of the agency, he was saddled with Dulles as director because, apparently, Dulles and Hoover had dirt on an affair JFK had during WWII with German agent.

    It’s also true that the agency never shared its files with the Warren Commission. Other histories not exploring the reasons for Kennedy’s assassination paint a far different picture of his leanings towards covert activity in SE Asia.

    But here’s a question. Why couldn’t it have been Castro who killed Kennedy? He had motive. Because the CIA has been about as tight as a sieve since its inception, Castro knew all about all the plots to kill him. He (like just about every other enemy) had plenty of people inside the agency.

    Finally, be careful about giving the CIA credit that it does not deserve for its self-proclaimed abilities. At the time of the Kennedy assassination it had basically zero successful operations (successful as a result of the agency’s actions) under its belt. Yet many assume that it could pull this off without flaw?

    This is not to say that the CIA didn’t do its best work in covering up what it knew. If it’s been good at anything, it’s been good at covering up its own failures.

  2. According to Douglass, the vast majority of CIA actions during JFK’s administration were rogue operations. He’s pretty persuasive with his citations. He says Castro backed off on JFK because Kruschev asked him to.

  3. Why would anything between the US and Israel cause any harm to the US or harm Obama physically is totally beyond me. Had you said that the Tea Baggers might harm Obama, I would consider it somewhat probable. Al Kaida, Taliban targeting Obama, we know.

    Excuse me, I remembered suddenly that an Israeli murdered Robert Kennedy before settlement, before Hamas existed, before the US supported Israel as it did since the 70’s. Now I understand the post’s logic.

  4. I think it’s pretty clear that a lot of military and political powers are quite invested in keeping the present Middle East situation the way it is.

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