One thought on “If You’re Going To San Francisco

  1. The hotel workers – garment workers union, UNITE-HERE, does amazing flash demonstrations. We found that ourselves in a boycotted hotel in San Diego, in January, during the American Historical Association meeting there. The AHA was sympathetic, but because it had made its reservations 7 years ago — before the boycott was announced, and it would lose $800,000 in booking fees on convention facilities and several hundred rooms — it went ahead with the conference, but opened all the workshops on labor, workers rights, and gay and lesbian history to the general public. I heard that a separate professional association, The Organization of American Historians, cancelled their conference about three years ago, and almost went bankrupt as a result.

    The crux of the issue is that we, as a middle class, are going to continue to slide downward unless unions win passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. It needs to be on Obama’s agenda again, as it once was before health care.

    There must be a way, possibly through direct mail to the Convention and Meeting Departments of major trade associations and membership societies, to alert sympathetic organizations of the boycott, and make it more effective.

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