I do not believe in the death penalty, with one notable exception. I think anyone found guilty of massive environmental crimes should be executed, because that person doesn’t kill one person. They kill the land and water, and they kill generations of people who come into contact with the poison they’ve left behind.

So it wouldn’t bother me to see someone executed for all this.

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  1. My objections to the death penalty are purely practical; but for this I think the penalty should be hard labor assigned to clean up and all assets seized and used for cleanup.

  2. i’m with you susie.
    We execute retarded people for far less in this country. I’d go beyond just execution though: i’d want it to be a public execution, aired on national television. Following the hanging or firing squad, i’d want to see the bodies gibbeted (or perhaps in the interest of public health, simply their heads mounted on pikes) and displayed in a prominent location, such as the entrance to the NYSE, as a message.

  3. China didn’t have a problem executing the one responsible for tainting baby formula a little while back.

  4. I came across this article this morning — about predictions that if we do not, as a species — meaning every nation in the world, do something about carbon emissions, by 2300 about half of the earth will be uninhabitable by humans and many other flora and fauna. Too damn hot.

    This report takes a very long veiw, for us modern humans at least, looking forward beyond 2100 which is when most predictions stop.

    Researchers from the University of New South Wales in Australia and Purdue University in the US said global warming will not stop after 2100, the point where most previous projections have ended.

    In fact temperatures may rise by up to 12C (21.6F) within just three centuries making many countries into deserts.

    The study, published in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said humans will not be able to adapt or survive in such conditions.

    Professor Tony McMichael, one of the authors, said if the world continues to pump out greenhouse gases at the current rate it will cause catastrophic warming.

    “Under realistic scenarios out to 2300, we may be faced with temperature increases of 12 degrees or even more,” he said. “If this happens, our current worries about sea level rise, occasional heatwaves and bushfires, biodiversity loss and agricultural difficulties will pale into insignificance beside a major threat – as much as half the currently inhabited globe may simply become too hot for people to live there.”

    Professor Steven Sherwood, a fellow author, said there was no chance of the Earth reaching such temperatures this century.

    But he said there was a good chance temperatures could rise by at least 7C (12.6F) by 2300, that would also make much of the world inhabitable.

    “There’s something like a 50/50 chance of that over the long term,” he said.

    Then, driving home this evening, NPR had a report about species of lizards going extinct — from higher temperatures: In some hot areas, it’s become so much hotter that desert acclimated lizards cannot stay out in daytime long enough to forage for sufficient food. — and they die of starvation. They end up spending up to nine hours seeking shade, leaving little time for finding food. Not every type of lizard, but warming temperatures have definitively begun to cause the extinction of species.

    What kind of world will we leaving our children, following generations? We of this country, all of us of this world? The leadership must come from the developed and most polluting nations. And it must be now.

    I’m not in favor of the death penalty, or just leaving the top miscreats out in the desert to face whatever the heat will do to them…but stripping the of assets? Damn right.

    And...what is our president doing to jump start R&D for sustainable energy sources?

    Where are the Manhattan Project and Man on the Moon type programs with the necessary dedicated funding and the sense of urgency needed to shake our leaders and all of us out of our complacency?

    Where is leadership?

  5. 2100 A.D.???? I’m glad that I’ll be reincarnated by then and on/in another dimension/planet/place. Planet Earth may by then be a place for just alien insects and such.

  6. Well, 2100 is only less than 90 years away. Babies born now may well be alive then. It’s generations beyond who may face a world which is only half habitable. And it will be our fault.

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