4 thoughts on “Appearance of Conflict

  1. “Either you are the kind of person whose intellectual independence and journalistic integrity can be trusted to do the work we do at The Times, or you are not.”

    Let’s see … Kit Seelye (Spinner One — the one who started it all?), Maureen Dowd (who among us hasn’t invented a quote about NASCAR?), Richard Berke (some say his journalistic integrity is a perfect fit for the Times), the Miller sisters (WMD and White House Love Letter Lizzyboo), the Keller Who Sits On (Some) Stories … Oh, how could they not be trusted to do the work they do at The Times?

    Bob Somerby may have time enough to fact-check the Times each day (though I don’t see how any one person possibly could fit that into even a very long day). Me, I decided to solve the Times’s trust problem a different way. I stopped reading it.

    Journalistic integrity. Trusted. Wow.

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  2. It’s not just Israel. Whatever enlightened Jews of conscience used to represent at all levels of the Times’ operation, they have seemingly vanished. It is no secret that the paper has long tilted to the right. An example I caught the other day in a headline, describing Rep. Gutierrez’s (D-Ill.) approach to Obama on immigration as “noisy.”

    That really caught my eye. The word noisy connotes a dismissive attitude, or that Rep. Gutierrez is somehow behaving as a child. This is just one example of many: one could cite the time it took the paper to realize what Judith was about – it’s as if journalism prinicples just don’t matter anymore. I drop in on it from time to time, but the Times these days is bird cage liner. material.

  3. The fact that the fabulously wealthy Sulzberger family who actively control the paper is Jewish doesn’t give you a few trembles.? Ah they are probably assimilated to the point that it doesn’t matter.

    But I haven’t read the paper in a long time. There is no “liberal” press, just a bunch of propaganda organs for the oligarchy so bias doesn’t really matter to me. Waste of good healthy CO2 absorbing trees.

    People like you keep me up on what is important and it is greatly appreciated.

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