3 thoughts on “When Did We Get So Mean?

  1. We got so mean as a result of a few billionaire families setting up stink tanks and media outlets to encourage hatred, as a way of getting their own taxes reduced.

    It worked.

    Carolyn Kay

  2. It’s the full bloom of the Reagan Revolution and it may be inevitable. We have inculcated so much of this nation with right wing talking points for so long, that the real world has gotten lost. This is the result of listening to Limbaugh for 25 years and making him an acceptable voice in our discourse. This is the result of Glenn Beck being given major media platforms for his hot air. The media endorses this shit and that makes it credible to the naive and the gullible.

    They promote a line that allows people to feel sanctimonious – validating being mean to others is always popular. It allows people who aren’t hurting (as much) to feel more secure by convincing them that they’re safe [r] because of the choices they’ve made in their life because of their innate moral superiority – like that jackass who was in here reprimanding Suzy for wanting to be a journalist and explaining that he didn’t pursue his first choice of a career because it wasn’t stable and instead, became a software engineer. That’s how these people do the addition. And we’ve encouraged this kind of math for thirty years.

    We’ve had the Underpants Gnome School of Economics lately and this is the Underpants Gnome School of Politicking:
    1. Cut necessary benefits to a needy population.
    2. ?
    3. Get re-elected with a clear majority.

    Color me skeptical but it may be necessary for the rebirth of liberalism.

  3. When did the lottery get to be widespread? Because we can play the lottery, we might become rich. So therefore, fuck everybody else.
    I can’t remember the context I heard this in. Elephant in the Room?

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