4 thoughts on “Oil Leak Stopped

  1. Yes, my fingers are crossed.

    In other news this:
    is kind of funny on many levels.

    Minnesota is apparently so far north that even the wait staff at Ol’ Mexico aren’t Mexican. Yet.

    Minnesota, the stomping ground of Michelle Bachman AND Al Franken (???) has a law on the books that trumps what we got here in New York. Wait staff there get the minimum wage plus tips.
    Wait staff here get $2.13 an hour plus tips.

    And I got two sons, one a college graduate and the other working towards his degree, who wait on people at Applebees for that $2.13 an hour plus tips. They actually make about as much as I do, and therefore never listen to a thing I say.

    If they did, I’d totally advise them to abandon their slave wages in NYC and move to Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes, and the worst winters ever.

    The worst winters are not what they used to be.

  2. The shut-in is a test scheduled to last for 48 hours, then they will go back to producing the oil aboard the vessels clustered around the site on the Gulf. The upshot of this is, that if a hurricane comes they can shut the well off, unplug and bug out. Also, it means (pending a successful test) that they will be able to collect all the oil coming from the well and produce it aboard the surface ships without losing any into the Gulf until the relief well comes in. RIght now, the relief well is four feet, four inches horizontally and about 100 feet vertically from intercepting the wild well bore. The man in charge of that is a guy named John Wright and he’s done this 40 times before and hit his target every time. 40 for 40. 100 percent success record. He works for Boots and Coots, renowned wild well tamers on land and at sea. Provided the well isn’t leaking into itself down hole and the pressure stays up, this could end sooner than later. Of course, anything is possible…

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