Survival of the Fittest

Finally, my aversion to housework pays off!

Women who regularly use household cleaners and air fresheners are at double the risk of developing breast cancer than those who never use the products.

The study of more than 1,500 women found that solid slow-release air fresheners and anti-mould products had the biggest effect.

Insect repellents, oven and surface cleaners also produced a slight increase.

“Women who reported the highest combined cleaning product use had a doubled risk of breast cancer compared to those with the lowest reported use,” said Dr Julia Brody, from the Silent Spring Institute in the United States.

“Use of air fresheners and products for mould and mildew control were associated with increased risk.”

4 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest

  1. Years ago, after I had my family over for an afternoon buffet (Christmas of New Year’s?) , my sister told my mother that my housekeeping skills were sorely lacking. I told my mother that my sister had 3 choices: (1) she could come over and clean for me if it bothered her that much, (2) she could get used to the idea that I spent my time doing things other than cleaning every day, or (3) she didn’t have to visit me at all. I don’t know if my mother passed my comment on to my sister, but that was the one and only time I had her to my home.

    Yes, my home is messy but I’m happy.

  2. I wouldn’t say I’m always happy with the degree of chaos, but if it comes down to spending eight hours a week on cleaning instead of reading or writing, well, I’m not going to pick cleaning. But I do get depressed at how much I can’t do since my accident. It’s almost impossible for me to kneel down on the floor and pick stuff up, or to scrub the kitchen floor. I used to be able to clean up when I had to, but it’s gotten a lot more difficult for me.

  3. Another reason to use only vinegar or other environmentally-friendly cleansers.

  4. It’s not that I can’t stand a clean apartment, it’s just that everything in its place means everything is hidden away. I need things scattered about. I prefer a jumble of stuff in a drawer or assorted piles of papers on (any flat surface). I know what’s in there.
    I do sort it out from time to time, and clean the formerly hidden surfaces. Glad to know I’m not endangering my health. Thanks!

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