The Dauphin King

Young Luke Russert, he of the hereditary network job who also doesn’t know how he got an internship with Mike Bloomberg, had his moment in the sun today. Oh, the media aunts and uncles were so proud of the little tyke! You know what he did? He took a a brave little slap at Rep. Charlie Rangel – who’s already on his way out the door, due to his ethics violations.

Let me know if you ever see this little twerp ask a question like that of a ranking Republican — but I doubt he ever will.

4 thoughts on “The Dauphin King

  1. Damn – it almost felt as if the whole thing was a set-up….Rangle acts outraged to let Little Luke look tough.

    Maybe Rangle has a commentator’s job lined up with NBC after he walks (is escorted?) out the door?

  2. What kind of a guerilla takes a shot at young reporter because he’s not at the right place and in the right opportunity to support that guerilla’s agenda? Well, that is no guerilla at all, that’s more like an operative. Listen You: the whole system has to come down. That means Rangel and ranking republicans. Everybody who ever gave an ear to a member of any business roundtable anywhere. You are losing your way.

  3. I’m not defending Rangel. I’m noting that young Russert is well on his way to acting like a Villager. He’s not known for asking incisive questions of anyone.

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