4 thoughts on “Special Rider Blues

  1. I am exactly this kind of freak. This album was one I bought because I thought the cover art was cool, and one of the few times it proved to be a good decision. (The other one that comes to mind now was the second album by the band H.P. Lovecraft, with the mandala-like photomontage of the band members over what can only be described as day-glo tie-dyed burlap. Do you remember that one?)

    In a better world, The Insect Trust would be how every pundit would refer to the Federal Reserve.

  2. I have this album because Warren A. Gardner (coronet) dragged me to the launch party for their second album, Hoboken Saturday Night, and they were giving the first album out. He had previously dragged me to their loft in Hoboken (I believe it was Trevor’s place) to watch them rehearse, and eventually got me to come down to Memphis to work with them on the blues festival.

    I had to buy the second album myself because by then I had moved back to Washington, but I still listen to both of them, because they’re, you know, really great albums.

    Sometimes, Susie, I think you and I are so alike that we were separated at birth.

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