You’ll have to read this to believe it. Soldiers’ death benefits (and that of retired federal employees) are kept in a private account without FDIC protection and aren’t paid out to the beneficiaries. Instead, they’re given a “checkbook” — without actual checks. And in the meantime, insurance companies are making interest off the money.

4 thoughts on “Unbelievable

  1. I began to read the article, read most of I think, until I got to the part about inactive accounts being turned over to a state. The whole process is obscene. Absolutely obscene. A service member dies and his family could lose everything… these wankers have no shame. No shame, no hearts, no values, nothing.

  2. Given the outrageous behavior allowed by so-called regulators over the past couple of decade, I’d believe any base, unwarranted fraud committed attributed to insurance companies. What galls is the repetitive refrain of ‘support our troops’ from their Reich-wing enablers.

  3. Why do you hate Capitalism so much? These insurers, these innovators, should be congratulated for thinking outside the box.

    Of course, the box I refer to is called “human decency.”

    Shame is for the other guy. It’s the hurdle that stands between you and obscene profits. It’s not a lack of marketable skills holding us back, it’s not the inability to present ourselves in a winning way to employers and/or investors. It’s our unwillingness to shed that which makes us human. The rich in this country have been showing us the way for decades, and we refuse to learn from their many, many examples. And with those alleged people, you either become one of them or you become one of their victims. Our poverty is our own fault.

  4. Oh, I’m sure it can get worse.

    Just wait till the scamsters start coming out of the woodwork, to market their “investment opportunities” to the bereaved.

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