Time Magazine Should Die

For this stupid and inflammatory cover.

Have we stopped Afghanistan from imposing Sharia law? No, we have not. Will it get any better if we stay? No, it will not.

The fact is, and will always be, that the media and political establishment only gets itself worked up about female oppression and other human rights abuses WHEN THEY WANT AN EXCUSE TO START OR MAINTAIN A WAR.


12 thoughts on “Time Magazine Should Die

  1. Real classy cover,Time. I’ve no doubt what to wrap yesterdays’ fish in. Um, btw, has anyone reported on abortion abuse, lack of health care, etc. here in the US….lately?

  2. The U.S. is still in Afghanistan because we don’t want the Taliban running the country again. Do you?

  3. Not really. There’s no corporation that really needs what Afghanistan has to offer and the military isn’t gaining anything it much wants there either. The simplest and most reasonable explanation for why we haven’t left is that having the Taliban take the country back over is worse than staying there is.

  4. It isn’t about the minerals either. U.S. corporations are happy to buy them from dictators and democracies alike at a far lower cost than what we’re currently spending on military operations in Afghanistan.

  5. Susie, you have touched on one of my pet peeves.

    If we reaaalllllly care about ousting regimes that oppress women, why haven’t we invaded Saudi Arabia?


    The Time cover is disgusting propaganda, using women as an excuse for our relentless quest for resources that are situated under other people’s land. Thank you for pointing it out.

  6. If we reallllly care about ousting regimes that oppress women, we should invade the US.

  7. Yes, corporations would be able to buy resources, war or no war. The purpose of this war was to capture the opportunity for monopoly at NO COST to the corporation. The cost of war is paid in blood and treasure by the citizenry not our corporate overlords. The purpose of war for 21st century America is to funnel the US treasury to privatized purveyors of death; Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater, arms manufacturers, oil companies, uniform makers, software developers, bottled water providers and providing the media with 24/7 Xtreme Killing to pump up advertising sales. These wars have not been about sacrifice or noble purpose or even political goals. They’ve been about corporate greed, paid for with the lives of hundreds of thousands.
    The invasion of Afghanistan was a pretext to initiate a conflict in the region, enabling the staging of resources for the real goal of our corporate masters, the assault on Iraq. We’ve spent something like 1.2 trillion dollars combating a few hundred Taliban. What’s that? A few hundred million apiece. I bet we could have just written them a check and thousands of Americans would still be alive and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis and children in Falluja wouldn’t be suffering radiation poisoning worse than Hiroshima. Oh, I forgot, paying money to save lives isn’t the American way.

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