One thought on “Broder Jr.

  1. I disagree. Young Ezra isn’t plumping for some fictitious moderate or bipartisan ideal, he’s explaining how things work (or, really, why they fail) and providing historical context. Just because this piece doesn’t point out that “Once you go to reconciliation, you don’t have to appeal to Joe Lieberman and Olympia Snowe any more” doesn’t mean he’s selling out.

    In some ways this is the mirror image of the Gibbs hissy fit story: the “professional left” Gibbs excoriates probably does know how big an impediment it is when the Republicans filibuster everything. So I don’t think he’s really talking to us, I think he’s posturing for the real Broders, who emphatically do not include Ezra Klein.

    (Which is not to say I don’t take offense at much of what he says, and everything Rahm says, and I’ve written a thousand sternly worded letters in my mind, but not committed any to paper.)

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