Now they’re even foreclosing on houses without mortgages! The Big Picture:

What unmitigated incompetence. Here is how to make this right:

1. The attorney of record on this case should be suspended from the practice of law for 6 -12 months;

2. Sue the fuckers Bank of America. For your lost time, inconvenience, emotional toll, damage to credit ratings, etc.

The only way you can stop really bad corporate activities is by making it cost them money. Whack them for a few million dollars, and you will see less of this sort of egregious behavior.

3. Freeze the Florida foreclosure mills. IF A COURT CAN FORECLOSE ON A HOUSE WITHOUT A MORTGAGE, THERE IS SOMETHING TERRIBLY FATALLY WRONG WITH THAT COURT SYSTEM. They are administratively incompetent, and until they demonstrate they are not renegade organized criminals (i.e., have some basic competency), they must freeze what they are doing.

4. The US Attorney General’s office should be looking into this disaster.

2 thoughts on “Banksters

  1. Also carefully check that the foreclosing bank actually owns the mortgage note! Remember how a lot of mortgages were “bundled” and resold? Tough to identify the actual owner of the note when that happens. Make them produce it!

  2. I’m asking the bill collectors that keep threatening my daughter for the details of the bill. They seem to be backing off. I think this will be standard operating procedure from now on.

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