3 thoughts on “Why did Tyler Clementi die?

  1. There is only so much I can do. Why are homosexuals so fragile so as to commit suicide because of bullying?

    What is that about? Parents define it.

    Good luck.

  2. Yeah, but this was COLLEGE. not high school, damn it!

    Tyler made it into college, thought he’d left the bullies behind and just got MORE of the same…

    Jeez, when I got into college I felt FREE of parental supervision and, uh, finally, dared to get laid out of wedlock, as did many of the girls in my dorm. We covered for each other, allowed each other the room in turns for our trysts, and never expected a friggin’ roommate to rat us out, let alone film our awkward fumblings and post it on the friggin’ Intenet!!!

    There were no Webcams in 1969, no Facebook, no cell phones, no cell phone videos….

    No living your whole life online.

    Jesus, I have no idea why Tyler Clementi chose to jump off the George Washington Bridge, rather than take the exposure and live on.

  3. So, question..

    Do you think that Cyber-Bullying should be a Federal Crime??


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