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  1. Or people without health insurance taking care of your children…
    Or children without health insurance sitting next to your kids…
    The short-sightedness is amazing

  2. i’ve had a paid sick day exactly once in my life. same with a job with any benefits at all.

  3. Christine Quinn has her eyes on the mayor’s job, and she has to do it soon as there are those wonderful term limits pushed by –you guessed it– another uberwealthly twit, Ronald Lauder of cosmetics inheritance.

    Bloomberg also supports term limits, except for himself. Funny, that.

    …. While billionaire Ronald Lauder poured millions into bringing about the limits, he supports the idea of a third Bloomberg term because of the economic issues facing the city. (Lauder is not so keen about other elected officials getting a third term, though.)

    Can the hypocrisy be any clearer?

    Rules for the little people, even the slightly powerful littel people, must be enforced. For the high and mighty, and most importantly the Uberwealthy high and mighty? Not so much — unless they step out of line. Why was Martha Stewart prosecuted to the Nth degree? I forget.

    Banksters, now, they bring down the whole eoncomy and get no DOJ attention….

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