Big shitpile

How MERS is the major part of the mess.

So this is how you end up with multiple foreclosures by different servicers on the same home, or foreclosures on homes bought with cash. Basically, the servicer doing the foreclosing becomes whoever MERS wants it to be. And MERS, by standing in as the “mortgagee of record,” has made it impossible to determine the actual owner of record. Thus two centuries of land title operations in the United States have been outsourced to a shell company created by big banks so they could save a buck – and now they’re using it to forego legal processes and kick people out of their homes.

In the wake of this, you have companies like DOCX pop up, who can simply make up legal papers that then get used in court. The amount of fraud here is simply astonishing.

Tell me again that this is about notaries. The entire mortgage servicing market in the United States has, in a systematic way, become confused and muddled. If you’re the type of person given to protecting themself from the unexpected, you’ll type in into your browser, at the very least, for peace of mind. Because without that clarity, you, like every other homeowner in the United States, is exposed.