Dan Choi

Discharged under DADT, now reenlisted.

The Eyewitness News reporter and his camera man, clearly unaware they were within earshot of anyone early on, joked about Choi spending a night in jail, saying it wouldn’t be any punishment at all and “he might like that.” The liberal media at work.

I will never understand why people think prison rape is funny, and jokes about it appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Dan Choi

  1. Because they should all be killed – and I don’t care what color their skin is… they should all be killed.

  2. Not so amazing in Rethuglimerica. The violence in US prisons simply doesn’t happen in ‘first world’ countries. Along with lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality, prison rape is what one gets with the winner take all approach to society of Repukes. Is it any wonder that Americans are more depressed and less happy with life than citizens of the societies we used to be able to compare ourselves? Third World America is truly apropos.

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