The road goes on forever

Tonight starts the new season of Austin City Limits, a show that’s been around forever, and the guest was Robert Earl Keen. Whenever I hear this song, I always think of my friend Frank, who ended up killing himself. We used to stay up for hours playing music, and he loved this song:

One thought on “The road goes on forever

  1. News may not be that bad. See links below.

    Apparently they’re ending taping AT ITS CURRENT LOCATION, and Austin City Limits will be back at a new, larger venue in early 2011.

    In fact, this source says the Robert Earl Keen show wasn’t even the last one this season; that will be taped Nov 8 with Lyle Lovett.

    Maybe you’re saying that the show is changing so much it won’t really be the same. I note this from another source:

    “Instead of the Clint Blacks and Pam Tillises you might have seen 15 years ago, Season 36 will include shows with John Legend and the Roots, Brandi Carlile, the Black Keys, the National, Band of Horses and Sonic Youth.”

    That’s from

    Anyway, Susie, thanks, that Robert Earl Keen song is one I haven’t listened to enough. An outlaw song right up there with “Pancho and Lefty” or “Vincent Black Lightning 1952” or “I’m No Angel” or “Lady Came From Baltimore” or “Slip Jigs and Reels” or “Mack the Knife” or “Avenging Annie” (Andy Pratt version) or “Delia” (Spider John Koerner version) or “Glenn Tipton” or “Blue Wing” or “The Harder They Come” or whee! Seems we’ve struck a rich vein here …

    Finally, sorry about your friend Frank. May his road go on forever.

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