One thought on “Solar Santa

  1. They would be great, but…I can’t afford them. And probably never will be able to do so in the future.

    Recently I was talking to my retired neighbor about solar panels. He had been laid off at 58 or 59 when the company where he was a master tool and die maker was taken over by another company which then laid off or fired most of the highly paid experienced and highly trained workers. He found work doing remodeling, tiling, anything he could do. Until he was hit by a truck while out walking on a back road — and was unable to work for about half a year.
    Hit and run, no witnesses. Nice, huh?

    He’d had a huge tree taken down to the east of his house and has a roof with no valleys or gables, just nice flat rectangles facing east and west. Since the shade was gone, I suggested he put on solar panels, which he could probably install himself, and he could save a lot on electricity. He said, “Do you think I’m rich? I can’t afford the panels, much less any installation help.”

    I told him I understood perfectly — that only the well-off or rich can afford to save money by going green.

    And in this nation, we can’t afford to spend monies to assist the less well off to save the atmosphere from further carbon loading, save themselves money on electriciy, and save the nation from importing as much oil as we do.

    We are so fucked. With more coming our way….

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