Okay, I admit it

I was watching Oprah today, and she talked about this site called Donors Choose. It’s teachers who need money for classroom projects, and you can give locally or anywhere else you want, for whichever project you want.

I am a firm believer in giving. If the universe places someone in front of you who has a need, and you’re in a position to help, you should. So if anyone can spare $5 or more to help these kids (maybe in your own backyard) have a better classroom experience, please do so.

I always feel sorry for people who can’t seem to bring themselves to help others, like some of those in the comments of that Washington Post story I posted this morning about food pantries in need. People who can help, but won’t? Those people are poorer than just about anyone else.

One thought on “Okay, I admit it

  1. This site is great! I heard about it through Zuska, and tossed in some money to help her chosen class. Then I searched and found a local teacher in need of my help too! I wound up getting a $75 “gift credit” via my donation to Zuska’s class, and since they had made their goal I was able to donate that $75 to the class in my county.

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