He’ll never take that dare, but…

From olvlzl, over at Echidne of the Snakes, a dare for the Nominal Democrat In Chief:

I would like Barack Obama to do something entirely uncharacteristic.

President Obama, appoint another panel of American citizens who have never had an income of more than $30,000 dollars, 18 or more of them. I’d require that they have a proven ability to read a budget and to not be afraid of mathematics. I’d require representation of public school teachers, first responders, non-profit health professionals and others with a professional or avocational experience in providing disinterested public service. Let them come up with proposals to make cuts and rearrange things. Make it regionally representative. They should be required to sign contracts to prevent them being bought off by the elites that would try to corrupt them. Give THAT commission a staff of real, non-DC insiders, an adequate budget AND THE AUTHORITY TO FORCE A VOTE IN CONGRESS THAT THE ELITE COMMISSION HAD.

I’m sure that the DC beltway elite would scorn and ridicule the very idea of a commission of those kinds of Americans. The idea would be attacked and mocked, their product discounted as the product of ignorant stupid people. Sally Quinn, David Broder and just about every one of the known presstitutes would attack them. The idea that a commission of modest, middle class professionals should get so close to writing legislation that has to be acted on by the House and Senate will horrify the connected elite and the media that serves them.

Of course, it would take real political courage and moral conviction to form a commission like that and there isn’t much evidence that there is any.

I dare Barack Obama to do it. I dare the Democratic leadership of the Senate and House to propose it, now, before the Republicans take over the House.

4 thoughts on “He’ll never take that dare, but…

  1. Isn’t this what Iceland just did, getting citizens to re-write the constitution? We’re Americans, we’re exceptional. We can do it.

  2. Barack Obama is exceedingly good at ignoring any part of the public whose views he doesn’t agree with. Mostly that’s us.

    Now, why would that be?

    All together now, “Because he’s a conservative.”

    Go read Ian Welsh’s new post on this, if you haven’t already.

    People, Obama is not and never has been a left winger. Nor is he a Nixonian or Eisenhower Republican, that would put him massively to the left of where he is and to the left of the majority of the Democratic party. Instead [he is] a Reaganite, something he told people repeatedly.
    He’s a Reaganite. It’s what he believes in, genuinely. Moreover he despises left wingers, likes kicking gays and women whenever he gets a chance and believes deeply and truly in the security state….

    Let me put it even more baldly. Obama is, actually, a bad man. He didn’t do the right thing when he had a majority, and now that he has the excuse of a Republican House he’s going to let them do bad thing after bad thing. ….. (My emphasis)

    It’s brief, to the point, and each word is important.

  3. What the hell is this guy smoking??? He’s in the Twilight Zone—-the elitists in this country would never voluntarily relinquish their power to ‘regular’ Americans, no way, no how!! And Obama? He’s a pissy little punk-ass Republican who will go down in history as a bigger liar than Bush! Mark it down…………….

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