Love Actually

I absolutely love “Love Actually,” and was thrilled when I first saw the DVD included lots of deleted scenes. (I’d really like to see a new director’s cut with them all added back in.) Here’s the scene where Emma Thompson has to go to meet the headmistress at her son’s school:

And here’s the backstory involving the headmistress and her lover:

3 thoughts on “Love Actually

  1. I have the dvd of Love Actually, and these scenes are NOT included. Bugger all. They’re wonderful. Like the rest of the film, they show love in all its variety and necessity.

    A couple of years ago, my whole family was here Christmas eve, and I screened it for everyone, from my 91-year-old dad to my church-going schoolteacher of a sister-in-law. Everyone adored it. They all recognized love, and for that I’m so grateful.

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