5 thoughts on “Conjunction

  1. ………..but, but, but Suze, isn’t there ANYTHING good that can come about as a result of this “conjucntion”?

  2. Sure, because it involves Saturn, and Saturn is about building structure for your own good. The thing is, if it’s Pluto, it usually involves tearing something down first — something’s that’s really not working for you, usually. But it’s painful to go through.

  3. I just got a distraught phone call. It’s playing out at my dad’s house right now.

    And my cable just went out.

    And I threw out my back today.

    I’m hearing Bette Davis in my head.

  4. Jupiter will pass by Uranus, only 0.3 degrees apart, near the end of the month, and well placed for viewing in the evening sky. Should be able to get both of them within one view in binoculars or small telescopes.

    Predictions! Either (a) cloudy weather, so nothing can be seen, or (b) I’m in danger of frostbite in late december.

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