Saying goodbye to Elizabeth Edwards

I think Elizabeth, whose fundamental decency inspired so many, would have laughed to know that both liberals and conservatives in Raleigh joined forces to show their respect for her funeral:

RALEIGH – Shortly after funeral plans were set for Elizabeth Edwards, the group from Westboro Baptist Church announced they would protest outside. Raleigh police officers granted them permits a short distance from the church.

However, the community rallied together to make it hard for their message to be heard. A Facebook movement called the “Line of Love” quickly formed to try and block Westboro protestors from the people mourning their loss of Elizabeth Edwards.

Westboro is known for their extremist views and are monitored by anti-hate groups. They often protest outside of funerals for fallen members of the military.

Members of the community came out in droves to counter protest. More than 200 people showed up outside the church.