Christmas layoffs in the Hellmouth

There were 365 people laid off yesterday in the town where I used to live. More lucky duckies who will fall behind on their mortgages for Christmas! Notice the reasons given by management:

What upset Weiss the most, she said, was that she was one of the company’s first hires at its original plant. In her 16 years there, she said, she helped to build Express Scripts into what it is now, and yet the company never offered her or her longtime colleagues the opportunity to transfer to its newly-built facility when they announced the mass layoffs eight months ago.

“They just said ‘you’re done.'” she told HuffPost. “The company is being greedy. They want more and more and more. We were the original workers, we made this company what it is, and what will happen to us now?”

An Express Scripts spokesman said the timing of the layoffs was coincidental and that the facility in Bensalem was closed because new technology had made the plant obsolete.

“We’re in the business of making the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable, and in order to do that we have to continue growing with the latest technologies,” he said. “I’m not sure what that has to do with greed.”

The company decided to open a new facility in St. Louis instead of Bensalem following months of negotiations over proposed wage cuts, he said, that the Service Employees International Union, which represents the facility’s workers, wouldn’t allow.

So let me understand. It’s all about the new technologies, but if the workers had agreed to substantial wage and benefit cuts, they could have kept their jobs? Sounds to me like this has everything to do with greed.

5 thoughts on “Christmas layoffs in the Hellmouth

  1. The Company doesn’t love you.
    Never did, never will.
    The sooner Americans understand that, the sooner we can wake up.

  2. The same company that fought me, my primary care doc, and my cardiologist about the highly effective heart med I’ve been taking for five years. They wanted me to switch to something cheaper and less effective. We won, but it costs me double what I had been paying.

  3. … the facility in Bensalem was closed because new technology had made the plant obsolete….

    What new technology? Manufacturing technology? I don’t think Express Scripts manufactures the drugs. New word processing, new spread sheets, new file saving? The current workers learned one set of programs, they can learn a new set, right?

    While Missouri is not a “right to work” state, I’ll bet it’s easier to still have non-union shops. Yeah, lower salaries and few benefits make for more profit. Damn, Ferengis.

  4. FDR built the infrastructure for the middle class as we know (knew) it; now Obama is delivering the final blows for destroying the middle class.

    Suck it up, little people.

    Cheap Labor is the name of the game both Repubs and Dems are playing, all to get donations and please the Big Corporations,Wall St., and the Uberwealthy.

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