We get letters

I just got this email. Pretty crazy, huh?

I just needed to tell someone what happened at the Chester County Ballet production of the Nutcracker. Yes, I know I live in rightwingville but did you know that the Nutcracker now has the songs “God Bless America” and “America the Beautiful” in it?

At the end of the first act, a lovely ballerina comes out and dances to God Bless America, in the middle of a Russian ballet!!! Then the end is Barbra Streisand singing America the Beautiful with the whole company dancing in red, white and blue costumes.

I was really taken aback. The worst part was no one, I mean no one, cared. It was all, meh. I know I am to the left of everyone I know, but this is insane right? Right?

Oh yes, it’s insane. There, there…

13 thoughts on “We get letters

  1. Sacrilege! And I thought the Berlin National Ballet Company’s reimagining of The Nutcracker was bad.

  2. So does this mean that “God Bless America” and “America the Beautiful” were written by Vladimir Ilyich Tchaikovsky?

  3. The whole country’s also treated to celebrating the imperial PBS production highlighting the 1915 San Francisco World’s fair’s Nutcracking! Not to Mencken, fascism has arrived, wrapped in Old Glory and carrying The CROSS!

  4. If Chester County, which voted for Obama in ’08, is now ‘rightwingville,’ imagine how things must be in Deaf Smith County, TX or Columbia County, GA or …

  5. I’ve been thinking about this since I saw it earlier in the day, cuz it bothers me no end.

    Shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, while I was still visiting the local church, the church had a memorial service for the victims. I didn’t attend, but I later read in the church bulletin that people complained about the music that was sung/performed at the service. It was religious music, and the complainers complained that there was no American, nationalistic music, the Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, etc.

    I thought this was strange and wrong. It was not a political memorial (plenty of those to be found elsewhere), it was religious memorial in a church, separation of church and state and all that.

    No one was upset at the Nutracker, because we’re being made to believe (brainwashed), to see, the power of the state everywhere. Walmart w/J. Napolitano’s videos, for example. We’re uniquely American so this was a uniquely American performance of the Nutcracker (ugh).

  6. I guess this act of “patriotism” was the way the producers chose to prove to the audience that they are loyal soldiers defending the nation against the forces out to destroy Christmas. Soon, we’ll need to dress Santa in a Red, White, and Blue outfit with 50 stars in order to demonstrate his allegiance to our way of life—otherwise the kiddies might decide that he is some damn socialist distributing goodies to the undeserved.

  7. I can’t believe any God-fearing American would have a problem with the inclusion of patriotic songs in a performance of a Russian ballet! What’s wrong with you people!
    Just yesterday I was writing to the Nashville Ballet to complain that their performances didn’t include anything by Hank Williams,Jr. or Toby Keith, just a lot of hopping around by skinny women in tutus~!
    Just think of the children! We want them to become sophisticated and worldly like ourselves, but how can they know our “values” if we don’t inject our nationalistic zeal into every aspect of life, including art and music?
    (okay, tongue firmly in cheek here… But seriously, they used Barbra for their recording? Don’t they know she’s one of “us”? Who’s in charge of that circus?)
    I’m doing a rewrite of “Aida” that will include Reagan’s speech at the Berlin Wall, complete with the soundtrack from “Rocky”…

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