6 thoughts on “Swine flu

  1. Do I remember correctly that Swine flu was part of the WW I pandemic? That took people in their 20’s, mostly.

  2. Around here, all the drug stores and clinics have been pushing flu shots for months (my guess is that, with last years’ vaccine disaster, they made lots this year). How many people actually get them, and if they actually work, is the question.

  3. Sorry for double posting, but I forgot:

    k, I think the 1917 flu was h5n1, the flu that we had last year. Swine flu is nasty, but I think it’s a different one.

  4. So, last year’s shots are operative, and H1N1 was included in this year’s too.
    Too bad I know so many young people who aren’t getting the vaccine.

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