Changing Places

I was watching the 1983 comedy starring Dan Ackroyd, Eddie Murphy and Jamie Leigh Curtis. A couple of things stand out after so long: Namely, that back then, Dan Ackroyd’s character is shunned by his friends because he’s been accused of being a drug dealer (nowadays, that would probably be considered showing real initiative!) — and that the class divide is even bigger. I did like the ending, though!

4 thoughts on “Changing Places

  1. Heh, lawdy that movie – funny how all that brown envelope – parking garage – insider futures rigging stuff still holds. Whenever reversal of fortune kinds of things would happen, my friends and I would say, “It was tha Dukes. It was tha Dukes.” It came in handy the time I had to set a friend of mine straight when he mistook one of these pouches for something other than ryo. He was all set to assume the soapbox when he had to stand corrected. D’oh! He didn’t live down being called Mortimer for at least a week. Served em right ; )

  2. Yes, and I remember Mike Pahios who roomed with Ackroyd for a time after he came back from Viet Nam, deeply scarred by the month he’d spent taking back the city of Hue from the people who rightfully owned it.

    I asked Mike once what had done him the most damage-the siege of the city of Hue or his time rooming with Ackroyd?

    He answered “Ackroyd”, but it really was the city of Hue, 1968.

    When Mike was found dead in his Greenpoint, Brooklyn apartment a few years ago it was front page news all over Nicaragua.

    I googled him up just now and got a lot of NYT articles about his good works after his return from the siege of Hue.

    He was a fine man. I cannot see Ackroyd without thinking of Mike Pahios and the city of Hue.

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