2 thoughts on “Pension envy

  1. One of the reasons public employee unions aren’t getting support, I think, is that many members are African-American or other minority group. You might not see this in say the police/fire fighter/sanitation unions in NYC, but look at the transit union or other general office workers group. I know that my late brother-in-law was an MTA train conductor and he often made comments about the AAs but he did support the AA union president because the guy was fairly leftist and a fighter. But the fact remains that he wasn’t too pleased with the complexion change of his fellow workers.

    I agree that the question should be “why can’t I have a better deal” instead of working to pull down the unionized workers of whatever kind.

  2. The biggest unionized freeloaders (at least in my town) are the public safety people who pull down more that $200K a year, and then rake in millions more after taking an early retirement.
    Alas, everyone seems to give them a free pass — they are sacred cows. They refuse to take pay or benefits cuts when the city is running a huge deficit, unlike the other city employees, and are by far the biggest reason for the city’s red ink.

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