Civil discourse

From an email that was sent out today:

Townhall Magazine Identifies the Top 50 Most Dangerous Liberals in the U.S.

Every conservative knows that liberals are working hard every day to recreate this country in their own image, tarnishing our great history and the hard-working people who live here. While some of the faces of the Left are too clownish to be taken seriously (see Keith Olbermann) others shy away from the limelight in order to push their agenda from behind a veil. Those people are some of the most dangerous liberals that threaten our way of life. Not to take away from some of the more obvious liberals, like the Barack Obamas and the Barney Franks of the world, there are many who push the leftwing radical agenda.

In the latest issue of Townhall Magazine we have identified the top 50 most dangerous liberals in America. We also have exposed their secret agendas, some as devious as any threat to the United States. Below are a few snippets from the list. Take a look and then get Townhall Magazine today!

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Hmm. It seems to me that if these liberals are dangerous and devious, threatening our way of life, why, there’s really only one solution, right? There’s not an actual target painted on anyone, but I think the message is all too clear.

Civility! It’s only for Democrats!

10 thoughts on “Civil discourse

  1. let’s review. bernard goldberg identified 100 liberal enemies
    of the of his readers, atkisson went to a church
    and shot the place up.

    then there’s the beck follower who was going to kill the
    peopleat the
    Tides foundation

    nothing to see here, move on.

  2. “Standing up to the food police”? Are they complaining about FDA oversight?
    As a side note, we were having trouble with internet connectivity last night. Tech people were having trouble figuring out what it was, and Bigfoot jokingly said, “Have you been sending emails to the government again?” Then I realized I had emailed Sean Duffy. And actually worried.

  3. Did you notice the puppeteer graphic at the top is a direct “Godfather” movie poster and graphic reference? Take a peek at IMDB.
    Is Townhall suggesting that conservatives “go to the mattresses” — as in all out, whatever it takes, all the way down the road to perdition — against these identified liberals? And, if so, where do they think the less-anchored-to-reality among their readership might take this? Honestly, sometimes I truly wonder if people are thinking at all, if they don’t think that others will bother to notice their sly visual slight of hands, or if they mean it exactly as it looks: irresponsible, crass and slightly off-kilter on purpose.

    Whatever the case, that’s highly irresponsible in the current political climate. And the “we had it at the printers before the shootings” excuse that is bound to be throw out is no excuse, given that this now makes them “Exhibit A” in what is wrong in public discourse right now: just because the First Amendment guarantees that you CAN say something, doesn’t mean that you SHOULD actually say it. Thanks for highlighting this.

  4. christy is spot on now they’re whining about the
    T shirts that the University prepared for the event.
    seems the fact shirts were blue sent them into a dizzy.

  5. Is anybody going to connect Gifford being shot at a public rally with Republicans hiring private security to “arrest” journalists asking hard questions?

  6. Difference between how WE (progressive) do things and THEY (CONservative) do things; Ballot-Bullet. We promote the former, THEY promote the latter. Two letters makes all the difference in result.

  7. “the Barack Obamas and the Barney Franks of the world”
    I guess by turning those two names into groups, they mean ‘blacks and gays’, considering there are no individual people that have positions even comparable to Obama and Frank.
    The picture on the cover is pretty clear about what other groups they see as a threat: Women and Jews. It couldn’t be any clearer if it was put out by Stormfront.

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