No, your sun sign didn’t change

Sheesh. You’d think that reporter would have asked ONE astrologer before spreading that completely misleading story all over the place.

Look: There’s an astronomer’s zodiac, and there’s an astrologer’s zodiac. They’re not the same thing. Every few years, some asshole astronomer sends out a press release trying to cause a big flap: “Look, there’s a 13th sign! That’ll show those stupid astrologers, because we are SCIENTISTS!!”

Even though, you know, they don’t know a damned thing about how astrologers actually work.

So go on about your lives. You’re still whatever sign you always were.

4 thoughts on “No, your sun sign didn’t change

  1. When Maddow came out with it last night, I was about ready to throw something at the friggin teevee! I’m like, “Hey, screw em, I’ve been an Aries forever and I ain’t changing, and I don’t give a hot shit what they say”.

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