One thought on “Captive of industry

  1. One more rehash and revival of Clintonism and the democrat elite’s unstoppable campaign to take back their party from the dirty hippies.

    First Dick Dailey’s son in the White House, then a revival of the Clinton-Gore initiative, “Re-Inventing Government” Perhaps you had forgotten? I had until this morning when your link awakened memories of Al Gore’s press conference with a fork lift and a pallet stacked with regulations.

    “The National Partnership for Reinventing Government is the Clinton-Gore Administration’s initiative to reform the way the federal government works. Our mission is to create a government that “works better, costs less, and gets results Americans care about.” Begun in the early days of the Administration, with Vice President Al Gore at its helm, our task force is the longest-running reform effort in U.S. history.”

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