Take the log out of your eye, Dorothy

Dorothy Rabinowitz on Kathy Bates’ new legal drama, “Harry’s Law”: “You have major criminality, excused as nothing. You can do anything you want, as long as you’re poor.” She takes great umbrage at the show and its perceived lack of moral center — I suppose because it shows the poor and disenfranchised using the spirit of the law to evade the letter of the law, achieving something more closely resembling justice. Do you suppose it even occurs to Dorothy that the legal deck is stacked against the poor?

Now, maybe you’ll get the irony of this when you realize Dorothy is on the editorial board of the Wall St. Journal, which has never seen a corporate crime worth prosecuting.

One thought on “Take the log out of your eye, Dorothy

  1. I LOVED the first episode! I know you can’t get away with the courtroom stuff that happened there. But, the show began with a hint of magic showing us that the show takes place in a slightly alternate universe — so why not a universe where an attorney can bust out with a passionate speech at the drop of a hat.

    I think the show has great heart and Kathy Bates and the rest of the cast was perfect.

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