3 thoughts on “A case of you

  1. No kidding? Did I notice that before this? Who knows? But if I had, I forgot all about it.

    I bought my first copy of “Blue” (LP) the year it came out. Probably I have purchased three to five copies of it in over thirty years (that first LP, a cassette tape, a CD, another cassette tape — somewhere I have multiple CDs from times when I just had to hear a song — probably Blue, California or The Last Time I Saw Richard, or Little Green — never mind, most of them) and I could not find the previously acquired copy).

    “Blue” is, I think, a perfect collection of music. To me it’s Joni’s best acoustic work. Its songs are the ones that haunt me.

  2. I’ve never read it anywhere, I just happened to finally notice it. I think she probably wrote “Blue Motel Room” for it, too, but didn’t use it.

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