3 thoughts on “Taco Bell

  1. Ugh. That stuff is not food. I have been fortunate that I haven’t had to resort to eating in a fast food place for at least 15 years, and I think my health is better for it. I see people who eat that stuff regularly, and they always look run-down.

  2. I’ve only eaten at the place once. I doubt if even 10 percent of whatever is in has even met a cow.

    The woman that took me there was disappointed. I couldn’t eat it. My food allergies erupted. I took her to my favorite burrito stand in Phoenix. She was worried about sanitation. I explained that we were in Arizona. The food inspectors check the “foreign” places carefully, white owned maybe once in ten years.

    We ordered burritos. 4 times as much real identifiable beef well stewed and cooked with real onions, real tomatoes and properly seasoned with seasonings sitting on the shelf that could be seen to be real seasonings. Enough burrito for a meal and half to go for breakfast, Cheaper than “Taco” bell’s crap, too.

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