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  1. I dunno about anyone else who reads you, Suze, and I’m among those who love the fact that you listen to and report on people like Beck, Limbaugh, etc. …..and you know that I try to donate to champions of our cause whenever I can.

    But, let me make this point: the America that I came from back in the 60’s would have had those idiots arrested for inciting riots and treason. If people like Stokeley Carmichael, Rap Brown, Malcolm X, and even MLK himself could be thrown in jail for the things they said against racsism and the terrible Jim Crow laws, where in God’s name is the FBI and the CIA now when we need them the most???? Yeah, I want MY freakin’ country back, too!

  2. This American Life last weekend had a segment titled “Climates Change, People Don’t” about a freshman girl who is a Beck fan and a fanatic viewer (she never misses a program).

    The segment is about her brain on Beck.

    It begins about 24:30 and ends about 38:00 and is well worth listening to. It’s not just thus girl; this is happening to millions of Americans under the influence of anti-global warming propaganda. Amazing and scary.

    The girl is given a chance to talk with Dr. Robert Johnson, a climatologist and curricula developer. Dr. Johnson presents what she sees as some the most persuasive new information which is making mankind’s influence on global warming more and more concrete. It has little to no influence on this girl, who essentially sees it as “like evolution,” with some believing one thing, others another, with yet others still other things, and all are unproven.

    Dr. Johnson makes the point that this is not a matter of beliefs, but is instead based on science. It is becomes clear the girl is not a “believer” in science as providing tested and proven facts.

    Listen and squirm.

    One of the points Dr. Johnson makes is that our studies of ice cores have lead to a clear pattern of Earth’s temperature changes correlating with the tilt of the Earth’s axis (the “wobble”). That pattern is warmer temps when axis is tilted toward the sun, lower when tilted away.

    However, now, when the Earth is tilted away from the sun, the temperatures are warmer than the pattern suggests they should be. Also, testing of isotopes of the carbon in the atmosphere shows this carbon is coming from the burning of fossil fuels, which means there is now no question as to the source of these current and heretofore unrecorded temperature increases.

    The girl is not impressed. She voices her doubts, the scientist refutes her doubts and answers her questions, but the girl still sees it as a “he said/she said” situation. She is not convinced.

    This is a young teenagers’ brain on Beck. Alas, adults are not immune.

  3. While I can’t sit through the entire thing, he does actually sound not much removed from the folks at Brookings. The difference being not being clear with the proper nouns and the conspiracy element.
    I’m more worried about the minds of the foreign policy establishment than Beck’s. But when the first thing that hits you before you switch off is that the relatively “reasonable” portion of Beck sounds not far removed from the “experts”, it’s a worry.

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